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Radomness which includes craft beer and good food.

Beer pic of the day AND Crums Bar and Grill St. Pete

by jessutopia
crums bar and grill

Cigar City taps at Crums Bar & Grill. Went to Crum’s last night for a couple of beers and a bite sans kids. The place was, um, interesting. Located almost across the street from St. Petersburg High School off 5th Ave. Not the best neighborhood but they advertise that they have 65 beers on tap so why not try it? I was hoping for something different on tap, maybe something I couldn’t get at our beloved Ale & the Witch. I had a hunch that even though they had 65 taps there wasn’t going to be anything too exciting. I was right. I had an Abita Restoration Pale Ale, sampled an Intuition People’s Pale Ale (Jacksonville Brewing) and then a good ole Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The service wasn’t great so I gave up on trying to sample anything else.

My husband had the Cigar City Table Saison and the bartender started pouring it into a pint glass. It was very foamy so she waited and came back. We finally asked her to pour it into a tulip. I don’t think the bartenders were very knowledgeable about the beers that they served.

We ordered wings and a feta, bacon chicken wrap. They were just ok. The chicken looked like some Tyson frozen grilled strips.

The atmosphere was a cross between a dive bar in Alaska and Statesboro, GA. Thursday night was karaoke night so it was entertaining to say the least. Apparently, you can smoke there even though they serve food. Maybe they sell more beer than food so they can do that but it is a big turn off. I’m not sure if we will go back. Better options much closer without the smoking and much better atmosphere.


Beer picture of the day

by jessutopia

Last night I had a Stone IPA and noticed their cap. “Ask a beer geek to name five breweries whose beers he most wishes to sample and you could go deaf from the number of mentions of Stone Brewing”. Hmmmm. I don’t know if I would put Stone Brewing in my top 5. Probably top 10 though.

Stone Soup Cafe St. Petersburg

by jessutopia

If you are looking for a yummy sandwich, salad or bowl of soup in St. Petersburg, FL this is one of the places to try. Stone Soup Cafe has been around since 1991. Working at numerous doctor offices years ago we would always order from Stone Soup because they delivered and their food was always consistent.  Most of the foods is fairly healthy too. One of my favorites is the Kristy Special- cream cheese, sprouts, cucumber and onion on toasted pumpernickel. The chicken salad or crab salad sandwich is another top choice. You really can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches or salads.

They have also added on a pub to one side of the restaurant which offers Guinness, Harp, Stella to name a few. One local beer they have on tap is Cigar City’s Jai Alai IPA, a decent IPA if no other IPAs are on tap. You can find the beer menu here:

On Sunday they have a “BOGO” special,  buy one entree get one free with the purchase of two drinks. We ordered two beers and two sandwiches. The chicken salad sandwich and the turkey, bacon and cheddar panini. We also tried out the baked chicken wings which were pretty good. Our two daughters were chowing down on them too.

I would definitely give them a try if you are looking for something yummy, fast and inexpensive.  We will be back sooner than later.

Brewburgers St. Petersburg, FL

by Jessutopia

We decided to check out Brewburgers today for a late lunch/early dinner. Some websites and reviews from Yelp and Urbanspoon say they have 30 different beers to choose from.Once seated we realized they only had ___light, ____ light, ____ light, Stella and Yuenling on tap. Bottles didn’t really have much more of a selection either.

We ordered our burgers, a California for me (cheese and avocado), turkey burger for the kids and a potato burger (curly fry, roumalade sauce, tomato) for the husband and curly fries and sweet potato tater tots for the side.Once served I realized my burger was lacking avocado and the kids didn’t get their tater tots. Burgers were good, nothing too special. Not cooked to medium rare as requested and they forgot the kids tater tots.When I got up to check out the restrooms I realized they had many beer taps one of which was Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA. Wish I knew that was on tap. Maybe it was just for show?

I probably won’t be back unless I need to check out the Walmart in South St. Pete and I also want a decent burger. Burgers were good though, not too big and pretty tasty. Just wish they made our order right and had better beer. Maybe they need a good craft beer consultant?

Archer Farms Buffalo Mac n Cheese

by Jessutopia

Nothing like some yummy, processed, creamy mac n cheese when you are sick. Made this one and the Tomato one for the kids. The Buffalo one came with a packet of cheese whereas the Tomato one came with a spice packet that had to be mixed with butter and milk. If I had made the cheese sauce I would have added more salt, it was kind of bland (or maybe my taste buds weren’t working because of my cold). The Buffalo one, however, had a nice touch of spiciness to it but not overpowering. I might buy it again to pair with some  fried chicken or wings, celery and ranch. Archer Farms offers some other flavors too that I might try sometime. One is a home style version with breadcrumbs that go on top. $2 something for a box of this beats making your own 5-cheese mac n cheese especially after a long day or a sick day.

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale… what?

by Jessutopia

Voodoo Doughnut Bacon huh? Yes, a beer that tastes like a doughnut, bacon and maple syrup. It also comes in a pretty pepto bismol pink colored bottle. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t taste like pepto.

Rogue beers collided with Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR to create this very unique beer.

First thing we did was smell it. Somewhat sweet with a little smoke. Poured a few ounces into a tulip to taste. Shockingly, it did not taste as bad as we thought it would. You could taste the “smoke” flavor as well as the sweet syrup and a tiny hint of bacon. I was only able to drink a few ounces though. Too smokey tasting for me. 6.5% ABV.

I give it about 3.5 stars. Definitely worth tasting.

The latest addition….

by jessutopia

to our orchid family:

a new phalaenopsis that I got for Valentines Day! Who needs roses that die in 3 days when you can have an orchid that can live for many years to come?

Protective ear muffs for kids and babies

by jessutopia

We wanted to take our two daughters to the St. Pete Grand Prix a few weeks ago but not without ear protection. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of Apple Martin in ear muffs at Coldplay concerts.  Also, one of the newest celebrity babies to sport the protective ear muffs was Drew Brees son, Braylen.

I’m not sure what brand of ear protection they use but after a quick search on Amazon we decided to order Peltor’s junior ear muffs for our daughters to wear to the Grand Prix.  The kids did great! Our younger daughter hung out in the Ergo most of the day and was even able to take a nap.

Teething Toy or Glorified Dog Toy? Sophie the Giraffe

by jessutopia

If you have a teething baby you might be familiar with Sophie the Giraffe. She is made by Vulli, a French company. Apparently, babies have been playing with Sophie for over 40 years now. She is made of 100% natural rubber and paint. On the box our Sophie came in it said the paint used is food paint which is safe for the baby. After hearing all the rage about Sophie we decided to spend the $20+ to get one for our little teether. I was so excited when it finally arrived! I took it out of the box and what is it? It looks just like a dog toy! It even comes with a squeaker just like a dog toy! My daughter was about  4months old at the time so she takes it and tries to hold it. Not too interested in it but she’ll hold on to it, maybe gnaw on it for a few minutes. Now at 8 months she still plays with it but whether I give her Sophie or a rubber play block that squeaks she’s just as happy.

Will I spend $20+ to get another Sophie ever again? Probably not. Will I recommend Sophie to friends? Eh, maybe.

Our newest addition

by jessutopia

Yes we have another addition and it is not an orchid. Baby Girl H joined us on August 2, 2009. Our first daughter was born on February 8th so now we have a 2-8 and a 8-2 baby. Pretty cool.

She came in lightning speed. My labor started around midnight by my water breaking and then intense contractions set in immediately. The grandparents got here as quick as they could to watch our older daughter and we were off to the hospital. I had to be dropped off at the ER Entrance as it was past midnight and L&D was closed unless you entered through the ER. I quickly got an ER Nurse to wheel me up to L&D. The contractions were very intense. Once up to L&D they checked me and I was 8-9cm. Baby girl was born at 113AM.


Expanded Newborn Screening Tests

by jessutopia

I was reading an article on a blog that I visit frequently- Celebrity Baby Blog and they were talking about Expanded Newborn Screening Tests. Apparently, Scott and Renee Baio’s daughter had a positive result for one of the metabolic disorders glutaric acidemia type 1 (GA-1). To read the article please go to Celebrity Baby Blog.

After reading about all the additional tests and anxiety that they went through I had to do my own research to make sure my daughter has been tested for as many of the endocrine, metabolic, and other disorders that can be detected by newborn screening.

In addition to celebrities, pro athletes like Jim Kelly are fighting to get states to expand newborn screening tests.

Buffalo Bills’ Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is fighting to get more states to implement expanded newborn testing. Jim Kelly established Hunter’s Hope Foundation in 1997 after his son was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, an inherited, fatal, nervous system disease.

To find out the different disorders each State tests for you can read the National Newborn Screening Status Report Updated 06/02/08 . The U.S. National Screening Status Report lists the status of newborn screening in the United States.

Other information pertaining to Newborn Screening in the U.S. can be found at:

New addition to our family!

by Adam

No, we didn’t bring home a new cat, dog or other animal rather a new orchid to add to our growing collection.

This past weekend, my husband attended the bi-annual Florida Native Orchids sale located in beautiful Saint Petersburg Florida. Florida Native Orchids has an amazing amount of beautiful orchid species. The owner, Bud Spence, is incredibly knowledgeable and boasts over fifty years of growing experience!

Our native and non-native orchids are classics, some old & some new hybrids; also our own crosses are available. These are divisions from our very best plants. Some are not to be found anywhere else! We recommend the Florida native,

With so many orchids for sale, it is so hard to choose just one. My husband decided to being home a Phalaenopsis hybrid (an Elegant Select TW50 to be exact). So, I have decided to share some pictures. Note: our camera does not due this plant much justice and the true colors of the petals do not really come through. The white areas are really a darker shade of yellow.

Close up:

To get a better idea of what the flower looks like, check out this great picture of the same species I found here.


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